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We are very pleased to inform that an “International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019” was held at Wisma R & D, University of Malaya on February 22, 2019. Co-organized by Center for Policy and Project Management (CPPM) and GreenTech Foundation Bangladesh with the support of UM Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UM SDSN) as member of Global SDSN.

This conference has given lot of ideas, presentation of research findings, and discussion of professional issues relevant to Sustainable Development. Special sessions, poster, and oral presentations has been conducted to the conference program.

Hon’ble Chairman Mr. Mahfuzul Islam Shamim has given speech on Skill development and critical project management for sustainable development. Dr. A. Atiq Rahman was the key note speaker of this precious program. Dr. Atiq is a prominent environmentalist, scientist, development expert and a visionary thinker in South Asia. He is well-known worldwide for his pioneering role and contribution to environment and nature conservation, climate change, Poverty alleviation and sustainable development. He was honored with the highest UN- Environmental Award, the Champion of the Earth, for the year 2008 in recognition of his outstanding and inspirational leadership and contribution globally, regionally, nationally and locally, to the protection and sustainable management of the Earth’s environment and natural resources.

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Bangladesh is a densely populated small poverty-stricken country. The major towns of the country become heavily laden with slams and poor urban slam dwellers due to rapid and unplanned urbanization. In these cities, destitute people lead a very miserable life without having basic amenities. Because of the inadequacy of wealth & weakness in the institutional framework, the fruit of the government development initiative does not reach the grassroots like other third world developing countries. Therefore, people have to be self-inspired to get themselves actively involved with the conceptualization, induction, acceptation & implementation of development initiative of any sort besides all the government effort. People can only expect to reap their harvest from the development initiatives one’s participation in the development activities are guaranteed. To aware, organize and instigate people to take part in the development initiative, the tireless effort needed from the unified and dedicated persona and that required an organization. With this commitment “Center for Policy & Project Management” has been originated. This is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, service-oriented, charity organization emerged to dedicate itself for humanity.

Ideology & Mission of the Organization:

Regardless of the nationality, religious faith, color, custom, culture, race devoting for humanity is the ideology and mission of this organization. Being a voluntary, social welfare oriented, nonprofit, and non-political organization, the prime objective of the organization is to work for building the future of the underprivileged and recessive people of the society by multiple development activities. Based on the Unity, discipline and creating a supportive environment, the organization with its voluntary activities would like to improve the socio-economic scenario of the locality thus the society which is its major goal.

Organization’s Objectives & Goals:

  1. In the development process of the society, creating occupational based class involving people from all walks of life, help emerge fast moving and creative leadership that possesses social responsibility.
  2. To provide health-related training, vocational education, safe water and sewerage facilities rehabilitating and improving the overall lifestyle of the underprivileged community.
  3. Providing necessary formal, informal and vocational education, help employ Literate & Illiterate unemployed people, underprivileged, downtrodden children, adolescent, youth, man and woman.
  4. Build awareness among all the segment of the people of the society about human right and provide legal support as necessary for the same.
  5. Conduct different activities to free the woman of the society from the curse of dependency, improve their social status and help strengthen economic contribution and role to the society. Provide housewives and widows necessary training on handlooms cottage industries, livestock and poultry farm, nursery, vegetable, and fruit cultivation.
  6. Detecting and uniting the unskilled people in the group, providing proper skills to bringing them in productive economic activities instigate significant social and national development.
  7. Put substantial effort to establishing Woman and Children rights and promote ecological development.
  8. Establish home for the aged, disable and children and run them efficiently.
  9. Providing training on tailoring, knitting blanket, handicraft, bamboo and cane work, wooded furniture making etc. to the marginalized and destitute people help them be self-reliant.
  10. Bring poverty tormented group into the income increasing activities by injecting proper skills in them.
  11. Rehabilitate city-bound people by planning participatory development program at the village and developing rural infrastructure through local government ensuring rural peoples’ employment at their locality.
  12. Ensure of poor and marginalized peoples’ access to the local resources and services provided by Government, Private and Social Enterprises.
  13. Instigate social awareness against Dowry, child marriage, multiple marriages, divorce, acid-throwing, rape, a crime against woman and children.
  14. Regardless of the race, religious faith, color help establish equal rights, honor, and dignity in the family and society, ensure participation in the decision-making process for all woman and children. Create awareness among woman & children about different legal rights, benefits etc. determined by the government.
  15. Create awareness on primary treatment for the pregnant woman, vaccination for newborn, benefits of breastfeeding and educate on how to maintaining overall good health.
  16. Instigate people to take planned and realistic actions for preventing cancer, AIDs, and plague etc.
  17. Operate eye camp and other treatment facilities for poor and downtrodden.
  18. Help building awareness among the common people on Mother & Child health care.
  19. Conduct a survey to identify the most affected life-threatening Diabetic and Arsenic prone area and take necessary steps to provide proper medication for the same.
  20. Carry on family planning programs to curve population growth and different welfare activities on reproductive, mental and physical health.
  21. Establish learning centers for children, adult and disable persons to eradicate illiteracy and provide to livelihood-based education to rehabilitate all of them.
  22. Arrange pre-schooling education for poverty-stricken and downtrodden children to bring them back into the mainstream primary education. Assist Government to provide nonformal education to working children. Take up programs on child rights (child rights programming) according to the UN charter for children rights.
  23. Create assisting the team to provide hands-on technical education & Training for the sake of self-reliance. Establish a Technical Training Institute and ICT Centers. Doing media & policy advocacy through different media house.
  24. Building awareness among the common people in developing socio-economic and social skills.
  25. Rehabilitate mental & physically challenged, tormented people and establish a home for aged persons.
  26. Making sure of the use of local resources and availing government & private benefits by the people.
  27. Create actual news, publish, present and disseminate it for the shake of social development by making sure of the participation and role-playing of people.
  28. Instigate people to take and implement rigorous tree plantation program to ensure the right balance of the ecology. Provide proper training to do these activities so for the shake of social development.
  29. Conduct public-welfare based Audit, investigation, survey evaluation, research so that appropriate and realistic planning & activities can be chalked out.
  30. Take appropriate measure for establishing poultry, livestock firm and pisciculture by leasing & excavating pond.
  31. Promote people for vegetation, fruit and other nutrition generating tree plantation ensuring children’s mental & physical development so that malnutrition can be eradicated.
  32. Conduct training on preparing nourishing food for children with locally cultivated vegetable and fruits.
  33. Bring change in the behavior of the drug addicts, unsocial and mentally distorted people.
  34. For ensuring sustainable development in the town/Slams/Villages, conduct different training on manufacturing product and its back-word linkages. Also, help to raise capital by selling those products and create an opportunity for employment.
  35. Take the necessary steps to control environmental pollution.
  36. Conduct Conference, seminar, a symposium with the help of the progressive people of the community to eradicate social superstitions and restrictions to free the women of the society.
  37. Arrange technical/ vocation education for the literate/ illiterate unemployed people.
  38. Organize different programs and assist government on humanitarian, relief and rehabilitation for the people hit by the natural calamity.
  39. Promote and help people get & use safe water and sanitation have proper waste management and develop related infrastructure for ensuring these facilities.
  40. Prevent child marriage, multiple marriages, AIDS, women oppression, dowry, and all social stigma by educating and awareness creating training to adolescent. Also, prepare them for providing consultative and legal support to the victims.
  41. Uphold native culture to conserve countries heritage, historic places, object, artifact etc. Conduct research, collection information (based on the consent of concern department) to help keep a record of the tradition and heritage. Make film and documentary to create mass awareness about the culture, tradition, and heritage.
  42. Based on the approval of concern authority, arrange primary treatment for the life-threatening thalassemia affected people.
  43. People live in agriculture will be given enough training, consultation and other assistance in using modern agricultural apparatus/kits, irrigation system, improved seeds, and cultivation methods.
  44. Assist the producer to preserve, supply and distribute the agricultural product well.
  45. Assist reserving rights of the buyer.
  46. Construct improved shelter by using befitting technology.
  47. The organization will receive charity and benevolent grants from the local and global organization for poverty-stricken and downtrodden people. Arrange lottery, charity Show, a concert for raising fund for the organization. Use the fund to run different development activities.
  48. The organization may purchase land or building for office space to run its operation.
  49. The organization will run training program, project management, project implementation, project monitoring & evaluation activities and so on.

Advisory Board

Asaduzzaman Khan
Ex. Executive Director, Bangladesh Bank

Prof. Dr. Akram Hossain
University of Dhaka

Md. Rezaul Karim, ndc
Joint Secretary

Sarkar Abul Kalam Azad
Additional Secretary

Executive Team

Md. Mahfuzul Islam Shamim

Subankar Chowdhury
Director, Technical

Hasan Benaul Islam
Director, Social Media

Zobayar Alam
Director, Skills Development


Shah Md. Imran
Director, International Affairs

Razu Ahmed
Director, Finance


Shamsur Rahman
Director, Project Managment

Alimul Hoque
Project Coordinator

Atikur Rahman

MoU signing to impart training on Emerging Technology Training and IT Industry Research between Center for Project Management & Information System (PMIS) and CPPM.

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